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The aim of the Playgroup and Parent Support Program is to recognise the unique situation that we find ourselves in and to provide support, discussion, friendship, education and strategies that will make all our lives even more enjoyable.  New and expectant mums and dads are more than welcome, siblings too! It can be so valuable to meet others in a similar situation early in your journey for support and friendship.

We offer:

  • A selection of toys, playgroup activities for 0-5 year olds and excellent outdoor play area.
  • Drinks for parents/carers.


When are the TasMBA playgroups?

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What is Playgroup?

A playgroup is a small gathering of parents/caregivers and their pre-school aged children, who get together on a regular basis for play and interaction.

Extensive research indicates clear benefits to consistent playtime for children and their parents/caregivers. A playgroup can significantly help children develop social skills, gain independence, and build self-confidence.

It can also give you a chance to meet and learn from other parents—all adding up to newfound friendships and a healthy, nurturing environment.

Playgroups can include a range of activities in addition to free play. Groups may often participate in themed playgroups, art and craft activities, and outings.

Again, one of the most overlooked benefits of a playgroup is that the adults have a time to talk, make friends, and share experiences and ideas, while the children play. 

Our Playgroup and Parent Support Program is an ideal setting for parents and caregivers of multiple birth children to get to know other families and to discuss parenting strategies, share the joys and challenges and learn from one another. Children’s ages vary and there are plenty of attendees who will welcome you to the group.

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