Multiple Birth Awareness Week
Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) ran from 11th to 18th March in 2018. The annual week-long event centred around running community events to raise awareness of the important work done by AMBA and local clubs around Australia in providing vital support to multiple birth families. In 2018, AMBA focussed on raising awareness around the strength that comes from being supported by an effective network.

The theme for Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) 2018 was ‘Strength in Numbers’.

Strength comes from being supported by an effective network. Numbers mean many things in various contexts: number of club members; number of AMBA volunteers; financial support of our charity; number of supporting organisations; maintaining membership growth; research data that enables us to advocate for our members' needs.

Many families with multiples have travelled, or still are travelling, a long and difficult road. The task of carrying, delivering and raising two or more children at once is extremely demanding with many associated risks and challenges.
● 4,375 total multiple births in 2015
● Up to 65% of all multiples are born preterm (80% if triplets or more)
● Low birth weight occurs in 50% of all twin births, and 95% of triplet and higher order multiple births
● 15% of identical twins are affected by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
These are the numbers that unite multiple birth families. These are the numbers that give strength to AMBA’s cause. A cause about providing more support to families with multiples across Australia. ‘Support from those who know’.

Watch out for MBAW 2019, we have plans for lots of special events to celebrate.
MBAW - Strength in Numbers

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