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Hi all

My story is a long one but really it’s only just begun.

Me and my husband had been trying for a long time to get pregnant, and surprise surprise after all that we got blessed with twins. When we got to the second trimester the nurses suggested I join Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association for support and advice and I’m glad I did. Though I didn’t do much at first, I followed the group and took advice which was much needed. My pregnancy was smooth sailing but the birth and first few weeks was tough almost heartbreaking to go through.

When the boys were two months old I still wasn’t coping well with it all and felt all alone. I remembered that southern tas multiple birth playgroup was held every Wednesday and decided to go along not for the boys but for me. When I got there I was nervous at first but everyone was really nice. They welcomed me in with lots of offers to help, even if it was just to make me a coffee or to hold/calm one of my boys while I looked after the other. It was nice meeting all the mothers and fathers that were there, hearing their stories and seeing all the kids running around having fun. I got to find out new things that helped me not feel so guilty and advice whenever I needed it.

I’ve now been there a few times and am not so hard on myself as I know what I’ve been through and will go through they have all been there too and survived. Today I found out my hospital stay, that was so hard for us and I still want to cry over- The others have had it either easier, the same, or harder then me and it was really good to talk about it. And I’m feeling a lot better in myself for it. I know now that if one twin is behind the other in growth or learning it’s ok and not to worry. I know I’ll be able to raise my boys just fine but if I need any advice someone will be there to offer it.

Now I live at Kempton so it’s a good 40-45 minutes drive for me to go but I look forward to it every week as it’s my chance to get out to talk to someone other then my 4 month olds, it keeps me sane so it’s well worth it. I know at the moment it’s more a Mother’s group for me, but I’m looking forward to the boys growing up at the play group, making new friends and socialising with other kids which is otherwise hard in a small town like ours.

Raising twins is fun, but it’s also twice the work, you have twice the nappies to change, twice the feeds, double the washing and you worry twice as much than with a single baby. But most importantly it’s twice the love and double the smiles you get back.

Like I said my story has just begun and I look forward to lots more fun and adventures with my husband and boys as they grow.

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