A Sweet Letter From James and Jeffie

Hello everyone,

We are James and Jefferson Young. We were born 31st May 2013 at 36+3 weeks. Our mum and dad, Allison and Dean were very excited to meet us, as they had been waiting patiently for us to arrive ever since they discovered our two tiny little heart beats on an ultrasound when we were just 6 weeks old.

We spent 16 days in hospital when we were first born, just to make sure we could suck properly, and for Jeffie to get fatter - he was 800g smaller than James. We were the stars of the special care nursery and we loved racing around the halls in our cribs to go and play in Mum’s room or the breakfast room.

We are two very different little boys, Mum says we are the same in the outside world as we were inside her tummy - James is quiet and placid, and Jefferson is on the move all the time! We both have many traits of Mum, Dad and all 4 of our grandparents - they all love pointing out what we do that is like them, we are very lucky to have lots of family and friends to help look after us and give us cuddles.

Our first six weeks in this world have been hard work - eating, sleeping, crying and pooing, but we are managing to fit it all in several times a day. We love going for walks in our pram (or the stretch limo as it is also known), and going places in the car - Mum and Dad are getting good at getting us in and out of places efficiently.

Mum met a few other mums before we were born at two TasMBA antenatal morning teas. All of our friends that were born after these morning teas have been boys - 4 sets! We are going to meet up with these new friends soon, and Mum talks with their mums on Facebook, which has been a great support for her - especially in the middle of the night when we think it is play time! We are also looking forward to heading to playgroup soon to meet all the children and mums and dads there too.


James and Jeffie.


Allison and Dean Young – 2013


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