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The Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association (TasMBA) is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteer parents of multiples, affiliated with the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA). We recognise the unique situation that, as parents and carers of twins, triplets (and more!), we find ourselves in and provide support, discussion, friendship, education and strategies that will make all of our lives even more enjoyable.

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  • Come along to playgroup
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  • Join our Trivia team. Every second Wednesday night. See our Facebook group for details
  • Join our Facebook closed group TasMBA Members. It is a wonderful private community where we have loads of conversations about raising multiples.
  • View our Facebook open page Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association. It’s a great place to view all our events. Be sure to like the page to receive all event invites.
  • Watch out for Multiple Birth Awareness Week in early March.  We hold lots of special events during this time.
  • Want to get more involved? We have positions vacant on our committee.
Upcoming Events

Check out all our upcoming events on Facebook or at https://tasmba.tidyhq.com/public/schedule/events

Meet our president

 Anita Engelbrecht
Hi I’m Anita,

“You did know there were two?” This was how our obstetrician broke the news of twins to us, thinking we already knew from a previous scan. This was followed by hysterical laughter when she told us they’d be identical! I now have twin girls, Eva and Zoe, born in 2016 and a little boy, Alex, born in 2018. The twin pregnancy was quite stressful with growth restrictions starting from 28 weeks. I managed to keep going to 34 weeks, when they were born via csection due to preeclampsia. They were a tiny 1.7kg each at birth and we spent 5 weeks in hospital. They are now happy and healthy girls.

I love being a multiple mama and being part of the Tassie multiple community. I'm currently the President and Webmaster and have held a few committee roles over the years, some with more commitment than others. Being part of the TasMBA committee doesn’t take much time and it’s great to see everyone use their different skill sets to help support multiple parents.

I came to my first TasMBA event when my girls had just left hospital and I've made great freindships over the years.  It's great to have a mums night out or a BBQ to look forward to and the TasMBA playgroup is fantastic – the kids are entertained by all the play-areas and toys and I get to have a hot cup of tea and a chat.. There’s times when watching twins doing exactly the same crazy thing is magical and it definately makes up for the challenges that parenting multiples brings.

I’m currently working part time for a government agency and my husband, Marius, runs our holiday accommodation.

If you ever have any questions about TasMBA or about parenting multiples, please contact me or any of the committee, we are more than happy to help, or put you in contact with someone who can!

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